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Using a Gamestop Wired Xbox 360 Controller on a Mac

UPDATE: This comment below outlines a much easier fix to get this working. Thanks!

UPDATE: I’ve changed this article to include my Info.plist. Now all you need to do is enter your own Product ID and Vendor ID for the Gamestop Controller definition

Just a quick tip for those wanting to use a wired 360 controller from Gamestop on their Mac.

The first thing you’ll need to do is plug in your controller, open the System Information (found in Application/Utilities), and click System Report. One there, click USB on the left column. This will show you information regarding all the USB devices hooked to your computer. Find the 360 controller and write down the Product ID and Vendor ID values.

Now download the 360 controller drivers from Once you have that you’ll need to download this info file, rename it to Info.plist (do not unzip it!) and overwrite the one found in /System/Library/Extensions/360Controller.kext/Contents/Info.plist

Once you’ve done that, open the file in a text editor and find the following:


Change idProduct and idVendor to your values, and save the file.

Now from the terminal type:

sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions

This will force the system to re-read the config file.

Now you’ll be able to enter the 360 Controller settings in System Preferences and enable your controller.