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Demongate High 2 Released!

After a long wait, Demongate High 2nd Edition has finally been released! This is pretty much the flagship product of the Paragon RPG system, and is by far the largest book.

Clocking in at over 500 pages, this book features hundreds of illustrations and information about the world both within and outside of Demongate High School. It includes detailed descriptions about dozens of supernatural organizations and all the planes of the multiverse, complete statistics for every full-time faculty member, and a plethora of plot hooks. In short, this is your one-stop resource for years of adventures within the Demongate High universe.

It can be purchased through DriveThruRPG by itself, or bundled with the Paragon Core Rules. You can also snag it in hardcover form through Lulu.

The 33 – Serialized Fiction by J.C. Hutchins

TheWorldNeedsOne of my favorite authors, J.C Hutchins, has just unleashed The 33 upon the world.

The 33 Episode 1 throws us right into J.C.’s twisted world with an opener to rival that of his earlier novel, 7th Son: Descent. From there we meet Addison Creel, and are taken down the rabbit hole in a series of strange occurrences, introductions, and job to save the world.

Addison is on the hook for 33 weeks of service in return for wiping his checkered past clean. Is he up to the task? We’ll see as future episodes of The 33 are released. The 12 episode season will be lead by Pramanthta parts 1 – 4. Each episode will be around 10,000 words, or about an hour’s content for the audio versions.

Speaking of which, J.C’s narration in the first episode is top notch, as usual. He brings his world to life in a way only an author can, all with a professional polish.

It’s $1.99 for the eBook, $2.99 for the audiobook, or $3.99 for the bundle. That’s less than your morning fix from Starbucks, and you’ll be getting WAY more bang for you buck.

What’s stopping you? Pick it up now, and start your journey into the world of The 33.


I’m a Dad (Again!)

That’s right! Baby number 4 (and final) was born on Friday, January 24th at 6:02am. He was 6 pounds 12 ounces at birth, and 21.5″ long.

I’m currently on paternity leave from work, and can hopefully use the time to catch up on other things I’ve had on the table for quite some time. Of course my main focus will be helping my wife and enjoying the extra time with my family!



By finding the center of the wood, he found his way out. Before him lay miles and miles of drab fields; the was grass greying, yet somehow alive and growing. Here the souls he’d encountered clustered lifelessly around in tight groups. While incorporeal, he did he best to wind his way through them, trying not to disturb their lamentations. Accidentally stumbling, a few coins dropped from his pocket. Immediately the nearest specters materialized where the coins fell. They looked at him with longing in their eyes. Thank you, they silently said. How may we repay you.

The Other, he muttered.


The Other was behind him now, but not far enough behind. Leaving his boat, but making sure to take the scythe, he made a break for the cover of trees. The forest was thick, dark, and oppressing. Whatever sun was shining had no way to break through the emerald canopy above.

Slumping against one of the behemoth tree trunks, he tried to catch his breath. The way home was no where to be found, but hopefully this forest would keep him safe from his pursuer.

Of course there was no guarantee the woods weren’t as dangerous, or even more so.


On those murky shores rested a small boat. Climbing in, he took hold of the large, two handled pole jutting from the rushing pitch. Despite the currents, and his best efforts, the craft wouldn’t budge.

Slumping down, he noticed three faint, spectral creatures with him in the boat. Sad, sunken eyes stared up at him, fists outstretched towards him. Each contained a single coin. Hesitatingly he took them, and as he did he could feel the boat shift. He took hold of the pole again, navigating the rapids of the river.

Maybe there was a chance he’d make it home.

CT Beyblade

logoSince I’ve been hosting Beyblade tournaments, I figured I’d setup a website to post pre and post event information, media files, and a FAQ for parents. I also setup some forums were CT Bladers can have a bit more freedom than a single thread on the WBO.

I may as well get this thing a bit more organized, since I’ll be hosting many more tournaments as long as interest remains.

Bring the Gird Back to OSX Desktops

It’s kind of sad that I’m getting this excited about a small piece of software, but Total Spaces brought back functionality to OSX that I miss the most.

Grid spaces.

I HATE that Mission Control was linear, as it took too long to switch to a space I needed when I could have simply “dropped down.”

Total Spaces fixes that, and brings back the option to have rows and columns for your virtual desktop.

It’s only $18, and totally worth it if you’re like me and switch between virtual desktops in the blink of an eye.

OUYA Unboxing

My OUYA finally arrived today, and boy is it tiny! The box contains the system, controller, batteries, power cable, HDMI cord, and instructions. Overall it feels pretty good, though the controller feels a bit cheapy.

There’s not too much in the software library yet, but I’m guessing that’ll change closer to the “official” launch of the system.

More later once I dig into things.

UPDATE: My Gamestop Xbox 360 controller works great with the OUYA!

Fire Pit

Every good backyard needs a fire pit!

We have an area of our yard totally shaded by tall trees that doesn’t grow much grass. I figured that’d be a good spot for a small pit, so over the weekend I ringed it out in stone, dug it down a bit, and lit our first fire.

The kids love it, and it’ll be nice to sit outside on cool, spring nights and have a toasty fire to roast marshmallows over.