elementalisIncludes 5 ElemenT Dice:

Each ElemenT Die has the following standard sides: FIre, Earth, Water, Wind, and Ether. Each die also has a custom side: Double Fire, Double Earth, Double Water, Double Wind, and Yellow Sun.

1 Standard, Pipped d6


x20 Fire
x20 Earth
x20 Water
x20 Wind

Arcana Cards:

1x Fire Major
2x Fire Minor
1x Earth Major
2x Earth Minor
1x Water Major
2x Water Minor
1x Wind Major
2x Wind Minor

– $2.50 + shipping

I’ve decided to go ahead and stop selling split ElemenT Dice set, and just reduce the price of the boxed ElementaliS set! All you need to do is chuck the included rulebook out the window and find a game that use ElemenT Dice on the Games page!


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