EleMINtaliS is a lighter, more streamlined version of my first game, ElementaliS. It was created for use with ElemenT Dice to be a simpler, more portable, possibly more enjoyable version of the game.

You can download the latest EleMINtaliS Rules here.

A light, ElemenT Dice game for 2-4 players
By Robert C. Kalajian Jr.

To play EleMINtalis you’ll need a set of ElemenT Dice. From the set you’ll need:

5 ElemenT Dice
1 Standard Die
2 Element Counters per player (as described below)
You’ll also need a pencil and a sheet of paper to keep score

Starting the Game

Each player will need to choose and Major and Minor element, and take the appropriate
counters to place in front of them. The elements must compliment each other (one may
not trump the other.)

Each player will roll the standard die. Whoever rolls the highest is the starting player.
Ties are settled with re-rolls. Play continues clockwise around the table. The starting
player turns the standard die so the 1 pip is facing, and places the die in front of them.

Playing the Game

Each turn the active player will roll the 5 ElemenT Dice, and may make 2 additional rerolls with any, or all, of the white dice. Once the dice have been rolled, the player will
then calculate the amount of Elemental Power they’ve earned for their Major and Minor
elements. Keep in mind that any element rolled that trumps a player’s selected element
will cancel it out. Every Ether rolled will double a die of the player’s choosing. If the Sun
is rolled on the yellow die, all elemental trumps are ignored.

Once the active player’s score has been added up, they pass the standard die to the
next player. When the standard die has been passed to every player the face is
changed to the next number and a new round begins. After the 6th round, the player
with the most Elemental Power wins.

Using Active Powers

Every element has an active power that can be used by the player. The active power of
the player’s Major element can be used each roll, while the active power of the player’s
Minor element can only be used once during a player’s turn. Active Powers can be used
by any player during any player’s turn. If multiple players wish to use an Active Power
they proceed in a clockwise manner, with the active player using their own Active Power
last. Active Powers require the expenditure of 1 Elemental Power of their element to

Active Powers

Fire – Incinerate a die, removing it from the current turn
Water – Reflect a die, mirroring it’s face
Wind – Reroll a die, even if both re-rolls have been used already
Earth – Petrify a die, it cannot be re-rolled this turn

Elemental Cycle


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