With the release of Sprite World, a free mini-setting for the Paragon Universal Role Playing Game, I decided to go ahead and redo the Tremorworks website. Using the Portafolio theme, and making the site more product based, I feel like it’s a step in the right direction. We don’t update the site much, so it makes sense to feature only the products available so people can get the information they want much quicker than on the old site.

Toy Fair 2013 – Awesome New Transformers Products

I’m currently at Toy Fair, and I had my meeting with Hasbro yesterday.

What an amazing tour.

Right now I’d just like to post some sweet pics of some new Transformers products on the way to stores this year from the Fall of Cybertron and Prime lines.

In these photos you can see Blaster, Soundwave, Grimlock, Metroplex, and the Combaticons from Fall of Cybertron, and Optimus Prime from Season 3 of Transformers: Prime (titled Beast Hunters).


256436_10151412141332812_1699591225_oToday I got the line work done for my 3rd tattoo! It’s the biggest piece I’ve gotten so far, but my artist is amazing and it felt like nothing at all. Next month I’ll get the shading done.

The meat of the piece is the 3 main gears, each with one of my kids’ names in Dwarven. It’s looking amazing, and I can’t wait to get it finished.

Huge props to Miss Jess from Hartford County Tattoo!

Getting flex2gateway Working with a WordPress Install

At work we recently moved our website over to WordPress, but left a lot of our backend Coldfusion code in tact. There weren’t too many problems until our AIR app needed to access flex2gateway. WordPress doesn’t like to play nice with it using the default .htaccess. Trying to find an answer online wasn’t proving to helpful. I finally got it working by placing this at the top of the .htaccess file.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/(flashservices|flex2gateway).*$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ - [NC,L]

After that it’s golden.


A lot has been going on in my family’s lives lately, but things are most definitely on the up-and-up. I’m so thankful to have an awesome wife and 3 amazing children. They’re my core, and my main drive to keep going and doing what I do. I can’t imagine the person I’d be without them, and I’m thankful that I’m the person I’ve become because of them.

Using a Gamestop Wired Xbox 360 Controller on a Mac

UPDATE: This comment below outlines a much easier fix to get this working. Thanks!

UPDATE: I’ve changed this article to include my Info.plist. Now all you need to do is enter your own Product ID and Vendor ID for the Gamestop Controller definition

Just a quick tip for those wanting to use a wired 360 controller from Gamestop on their Mac.

The first thing you’ll need to do is plug in your controller, open the System Information (found in Application/Utilities), and click System Report. One there, click USB on the left column. This will show you information regarding all the USB devices hooked to your computer. Find the 360 controller and write down the Product ID and Vendor ID values.

Now download the 360 controller drivers from Once you have that you’ll need to download this info file, rename it to Info.plist (do not unzip it!) and overwrite the one found in /System/Library/Extensions/360Controller.kext/Contents/Info.plist

Once you’ve done that, open the file in a text editor and find the following:


Change idProduct and idVendor to your values, and save the file.

Now from the terminal type:

sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions

This will force the system to re-read the config file.

Now you’ll be able to enter the 360 Controller settings in System Preferences and enable your controller.

Dollar Shave Club Review

By now many of you are probably familiar with this video. To tell you the truth, this video is what pushed me over the edge to try

I ened opting for the 4x, also known as “The Lovers Blade.” 4 blades, 2 comfort strips, and a damn HUGE handle. For $6 a month I get 4 cartridges a month. Not a bad deal, if the blades are good. That’s the question, right? Are the blades any good?

I’m a head shaver. Every other day I shave my head and neck. Imagine my excitement when my new blades arrived in the mail yesterday! Everything is shipped in pretty minimal packaging, which is really nice. The package contained my new handle, 4 cartridges, and a little postcard welcoming me to Dollar Shave Club. This morning I put it through its paces.

Like I said before, the handle is pretty large. It took a bit of getting used to since I’ve been shaving with Mach 3s and Fusions for quite a while. It didn’t take too long to adjust. The blades themselves shave pretty well. Not as well as a Mach 3 or a Fusion, but better than any generic I’ve used. I’d have to say they shave a lot better than a Quattro too. There were a few spots on my head I needed to make a few passes over, but in the end I had very little irritation (other than what I normall have. I have pretty sensitive skin.)

Another nice thing about the blades is that they rinse out really nicely. Each blade is spaced well. Not too far apart to be uncomfortable, but not too close where they get gunked up easily. My only real complaint about the blad is the lack of precision, but I’ve come to expect that with any razor that has more than 3 blades. Shaving around my beard line was a bit tricky, but not impossible.

In the end, I’d say these blades are pretty good. Not fantastic, but totally worth the price. Would I recommend them? Yeah, I would.

I look forward to seeing what other offerings Dollar Shave Club comes out with in the future. I’d also love to at least try their 2 blade and 6 blade razors eventually.

They’ve got my business, and I think I’ll be a customer of theirs for a long time.

(If you’re interested in giving them a shot, use my referral link. I’ll get a free month if you do)